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Does the American Military Struggle with Foreign Language?

Does the American Military Struggle with Foreign Language?

Is it really possible that after a decade into the war in Afghanistan we are still having trouble teaching our troops the local languages?

The answer is yes.

According to Morgan Smiley, an active-duty army officer, the current local language push in Afghanistan and Iraq was “haphazardly thrown together.”

Adding to that, a recent government report stats that the Pentagon has continually dropped the proverbial ball when it comes to teaching its troops the local languages. A skill that ground commanders consider just as important as knowing how to use their weaponry.

“Learning the language will not only help one learn about that culture but be able to operate more effectively once immersed in it,” Smiley added.

“Improving our language skills may lead to more effective and efficient techniques for building the capacity of our current and future partners and reduce the need for deployments of robust US forces.”

What does this say about Us?

How would you feel if your neighbor had lived next door for 10 years and still couldn’t speak a word to you despite being in an American town. Would you find it offensive/appalling they hadn’t taken the time out to at least immerse themselves in the local language and culture somewhat?

I believe the answer to be yes and think that this issue with our military is something we need to seriously address.

Is it the fault of the ground personnel over there putting their lives in danger every day? Probably not.

There needs to be a much larger focus on the importance of teaching our troops foreign languages prior to and once they are deployed.

What do you think?

For the full story on this troubling problem, VISIT HERE.

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The Importance of Knowing Spanish in Miami

The Importance of Knowing Spanish in Miami

The ability to speak another language is not only a useful resource for traveling abroad but can also prove to be an asset for day-to-day living inside the United States as well.

Take Miami, for instance. As of 2000, speakers of Spanish as their first language accounted for 66.75% of residents. If you were ever thinking about relocating or traveling to this city in South Florida, there are many reasons as to why a fluency in Spanish would not only provide assistance but also add to your quality of life. How?

1. Employment Opportunity

Considering the large Spanish-speaking population, Miami employers would probably desire, if not require, all potential employees to be bilingual in order to communicate with their Spanish-speaking clients, customers, etc.

2. Plenty of Practice

Even if your reason for learning Spanish is out of pure pleasure, there would be plenty of opportunities to practice and hone your skills in the many Spanish neighborhoods, restaurants and stores.

3. Key to Understanding and Celebrating the Culture

Much of Miami’s colorful and festive culture is due to it being a melting pot of people from various Hispanic nations like Spain, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Therefore, by understanding the language that connects all of these cultures really brings you closer to knowing and understanding this city.

If you’re in Miami and need assistance learning Spanish – don’t hesitate to contact The World Company!

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